find the answers in the text about W-games

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The first X-games (or extreme games )were organized in 1995.they were a great success.Over 198,000 spectators came to watch the new sports catgories.Now the X-games are so popular that people call them the "alternative olympics" extreme athletes come from all over the world to participate . Stunt bikes are very expensive .Their wheels are smaller and fatter than mountain bike wheels and their handlebars can turn 360° . Speed is necessary for the stunts . The bike is doing an air . He can land on a flat surface, or if that's too simple , on the edge ok a wooden bowl called a pipe.

find the answrs in the text about X-games.

1-what are the X-games? they are competitions for athlète .
2-when was it organised? it was first organised in .
3-how many spactators watched the new sports catégories? they were spectators.
4-how are the wheels are and than wheels.
5-what is necessary for the stunts? is necessary for the stunts
6-why is the bike madeof strong but flexible metal?to resist thechok of